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You don't have to build a site using the Sitebuilder tools to take advantage of Authors Guild web hosting services. We offer website hosting for sites that you've built on your own, for as little as $9 per month. Simply fill out the form below and Authors Guild staff will create server space for your custom built site, and send you instructions for where to upload the files.

This service is for Authors Guild members only (see Guild Membership information).

Please note: This Hosting Only service does not use the Guild's Sitebuilder software. If you would like to start an easy-to-use Sitebuilder website, please send an email to and we'll help you get started.

Step 1. Do you already have a domain name registered?

If not, go to this page.

(Note: If you have more than one domain name you'd like to assign to your website, please enter one per line. Please note the first domain name in the list will be the primary domain name of your website.)

Is your domain registered through the Authors Guild?

Step 2. Please choose a password that you will use to access your site.

Step 3. Authorize payment.

There are two tiers of service:

Allows 500 MB of disk space, 10 GB of data transfer per month, and 3 email adresses. Suitable for nearly all users.

Allows 1 GB of space, 50 GB of data transfer per month, and 10 email addresses. Suitable for users with lots of content or very large audio or video files.

This service is charged quarterly, in advance, at a rate of $27 or $36 per quarter for Standard or Premium, respectively.

You may be charged a $75 activation fee, unless Authors Guild staff has informed you otherwise.

Step 4. Website Hosting Terms of Service (required)