Jessie Haas
Jessie Haas, writer
Karen J. Haas
Annotated Florida Civil Trial Checklists
AV rated lawyers
Michaela Haas
Michaela Haas, writer, coach, lecturer
Robert Haas
Robert Haas, writer and researcher
John Hadden
John Hadden, writer/director
Joni Hahn
Joni Hahn, Author
Shirley T. Hailstock
Shirley Hailstock
Joy Hakim
Joy Hakim, author
Piri Halasz
(An Appropriate Distance) From the Mayor's Doorstep
Joe Haldeman
Joe Haldeman's Tangled Website
Christine Hale
Christine Hale, author
Dr. Robert J. Haley
Dr. Robert J. Haley, writer
Dr. Robert J. Haley's Website
Devra Hall
Devra Hall
Elizabeth Armstrong Hall
Parnell Hall
Parnell Hall and the Puzzle Lady mystery series
Wynton Hall
Wynton Hall
Garth Hallberg
Boon Juster, novel
Garth Hallberg, Author
R. Z. Halleson
Gjerda Media LLC
R.Z. Halleson
The Halleson Post
Jean Halley
Jean Halley, PhD
Timothy Hallinan
Timothy Hallinan
Poke Rafferty
Caer Hallundbaek
Caer Hallundbaek, Author and Program Host
Hallundbaek & Associates, Marketing & Communications
Helena Halperin
Helena Halperin
Anders Halverson
Anders Halverson
Jennifer Hamady
The Art of Singing: Discovering and Developing Your True Voice
Jennifer Hamady, author
Finding Your Voice
Jack Hamann
Jack Hamann
Signe Hammer
Signe Hammer
Mary Stewart Hammond
Ruth Anne Hammond
Ruth Anne Hammond, Infant/Toddler Specialist, writer
Respecting Babies: A New Look at Magda Gerber's RIE Approach, book
Duane Hampton
Duane Hampton
Timothy Hampton
Timothy Hampton, scholar, teacher, writer
John Hanc
John Hanc, writer
Daniel Handler
Evan Handler
Evan Handler; Author/Actor/Screenwriter
Elizabeth Hanes RN-BSN
Elizabeth Hanes RN Writer
Cathryn Hankla
Cathryn Hankla, author
Cathryn Hankla's expanded site
Patrice Hannon
Patrice Hannon
Joyce Hansen
Joyce Hansen, author
Dirk Hanson
Addiction: The Search For a Cure
Addiction Inbox
Regina Hanson
Regina Hanson
Steven James Hantzis
Steven James Hantzis, Author
Rails of War: Supplying the Americans and Their Allies in China-Burma-India
Janice Harayda
Janice Harayda
One-Minute Book Reviews
Victoria A. Harden
Victoria A. Harden
Robert O. Harder
Robert O. Harder, Writer
Phil Hardwick
Phil Hardwick, writer
Bill Hare
Bill Hare, author, playwright, screenwriter
Joan Hiatt Harlow
Joan Hiatt Harlow, Children's Author
Patricia Harman
Patricia Harman, author
Jeff B. Harmon
Margaret Harmon
Margaret Harmon, writer
Valerie Harms
Valerie Harms Enterprises
Elvis Presley
Bradley Harper MD
Bradley Harper, Author
Linda Lee Harper
Linda Lee Harper, poet/fiction writer
M. A. Harper
M. A. Harper
Steven J. Harper
Crossing Hoffa: A Teamster's Story
Tim Harper
Tim Harper, Publisher
Tim Harper, Journalist/Ghost/Doctor/Consultant
Alexis Harrington
Alexis Harrington
Jane Harrington
Jane Harrington, writer
Michael Harrington, PhD, MBA
Michael Harrington, author
Michael Harrington, author
Michael Harrington, author
Cecil Harris
Cecil Harris, writer
Lois V. Harris
Lois V. Harris, children's author
Stephn L. Harris
Stephen L. Harris, author
Laird Harrison
Laird Harrison, writing, editing, multimedia
Children of a Future Age
Stephanie Harrison
Stephanie Harrison, writer
Carolyn Hart
Carolyn Hart
Carolyn Hart, Mystery Author, at Twilight Lane
JoeAnn Hart
JoeAnn Hart
Lenore Hart
Lenore Hart
Stephanie Hart
Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memories and Stories
Holly Harte
Author of Romantic Adventures in the Old West
Endi Bogue Hartigan
Endi Bogue Hartigan
Ken Harvey
Ken Harvey, writer
Arlo Haskell
The Jews of Key West
Sand Paper Press
Harry Haskell
Harry Haskell, writer and editor
Molly Haskell
Molly Haskell
Linda M. Hasselstrom
Windbreak House, writing retreats, books, more
John Hassett
D. William Hauck
Alchemy Lab
Sandra Havriluk
Anne Armistead, author
Louise Hawes
Author Louise Hawes
Sally Hawkes
Sally Falcon aka Sarah Eagle aka Sarah Hawkes
Max Hawthorne
Kronos Rising Novel Series
Kronos Rising Novel Series
Dolores Hayden
Dolores Hayden
Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D.
Author, radio host, former professor
newsletter and e-zine publisher
Roy Hayes
The Hungarian Game, a novel
The Last Days of Las Vegas, a novel
Writing well is the best revenge
Mary Hays
Mary Hays
Lawrence Hazelrigg
Lawrence Hazelrigg, writer
Tom Head
Tom Head
Kim Headlee
Author Kim Headlee
Dorothy Hearst
Dorothy Hearst's website
Amy Hill Hearth
Author, Novelist, Journalist
Carol Hebald
Carol Hebald, writer
Randy B. Hecht
Aphra Communications
Randy B. Hecht credits
Travis Heermann
Travis Heermann, Author
James A. W. Heffernan
James A. W. Heffernan, Writer and Lecturer
Deborah Heiligman
Deborah Heiligman, Children's Author
Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
Lynne Heitman
Lynne Heitman – The Official Site
Jennie Miller Helderman
Jennie Helderman, writer
Joseph Helgerson
Joseph Helgerson, writer
Richard Hell
Richard Hell Official Site
Carolyn B. Heller
Carolyn B. Heller
Charles Ota Heller
Charles Ota Heller, writer
Linda Heller
Linda Heller, writer
Michael Heller
Michael Heller, poet and writer
David Hellerstein
David Hellerstein, writer
David Hellerstein, MD
David Hellerstein, MD, Columbia University
Kathryn Hellerstein
Kathryn Hellerstein, professor, Germanic Languages
Kathryn Hellerstein, writer
Helen Hemphill
Helen Hemphill
Brad Henderson
Brad Henderson, writer
Brad Henderson, writing faculty, UC Davis
Brad Henderson, AKA, Beau Hamel, poet
Bruce Henderson
Gay Hendricks
104 Cuyama Road
Robin Marantz Henig
Robin Marantz Henig
B. G. Hennessy
B. G. Hennessy, Children's Book Author
John Hennessy
John Hennessy, poet
Bridge and Tunnel
Bridge and Tunnel
@ Poetry Foundation
John Hennessy, poet, interviewed at Huffington Post
John Hennessy, Coney Island Pilgrims, film poem
Julia Henri
Julia Henri, ISA
Julia Henri, Journalist, Photographer
Deborah Henry
Deborah Henry, Author
DeWitt Henry
DeWitt Henry, writer
Linda Henry
Linda Henry, writer
Ran Henry
Ran Henry, writer
David L. Herbert
The Personal Trainer, A Tale of Pain, Gain, Greed and Lust
Katherine Herbert
Katherine Herbert, writer
Manu Herbstein
Ama, a Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade
D. J. Herda
D. J. Herda, Working for the Future
American Society of Authors and Writers
Elektra Press
Patricia Hermes
Patricia Hermes
Echo Heron
Echo Heron, New York Times bestselling author
Laraine Herring
Laraine Herring, writer
Elizabeth Carothers Herron
Elizabeth Herron, poet
Lori Herter
Lori Herter, author
Mark Hertsgaard
Mark Hertsgaard
Sue Hertz
Sue Hertz, writer
Vlatka Herzberg
Vlatka Herzberg, LinkedIn
Vlatka Herzberg, Teaching Healing Stories
Grandmother Moon and Other Stories by Vlatka Herzberg Blog
Hannah S. Hess
Hannah S. Hess, author
Scott Alexander Hess
Scott Alexander Hess, Novelist
Katherine L. Hester
Katherine L. Hester
Karen Heuler
Karen Heuler
Linda Hewitt
Linda Hewitt, writer
Neat Old Books
Holly Hill Journal
Networking for the Career-Minded Student
From Book to Audiobook: An Author's Guide to ACX
Lonnie Burstein Hewitt
Lonnie Burstein Hewitt
Eileen Heyes
Eileen Heyes's Web Site
Eileen Heyes on WINC
Michael Hibbard
The Waking Dream Online
The Way of the Weird
Facebook Author Page
Homer Hickam
Official Homer Hickam Website
David Hicks
David Hicks
Hal Higdon
Lisa Verge Higgins
Lisa Verge Higgins
William J. Higginson
William J. Higginson
John High
John High
Frederick Highland
Frederick Highland
A.W. Hill
Welcome To Nowhere-Land
Cherry Hill
Horse Training and Horse Care Books
Janna Hill
Janna Hill, Author & Poet
Paul Sean Hill
Leadership Evangelist
Susanna Leonard Hill
Susanna Leonard Hill
W. Nick Hill
W. Nick Hill
Catherine Hiller
Catherine Hiller
Tobey Hiller
Tobey Hiller, writer
Juli Cragg Hilliard
Juli Cragg Hilliard
Bruce J. Hillman
Bruce J. Hillman, author
Thomas Hine
Thomas Hine
Charlotte Hinger
Charlotte Hinger
Wendy Hinman
Wendy Hinman, Author
Vicki Hinze
Vicki Hinze – Author
Corson Hirschfeld
Neal Hirschfeld
Neal Hirschfeld
Katherine W. Hirsh
HirshWorks, LLC
Birgitta Hjalmarson
Birgitta Hjalmarson, writer
Valerie Hobbs
Valerie Hobbs
Mary Ann Hoberman
Mary Ann Hoberman
Stanley Hochman
Foul and Familiar
Christopher L. Hodapp
Chris hodapp, author
Freemasons For Dummies Blog
Steve Hodel
Black Dahlia Avenger
Black Dahlia Avenger
John Hoerr
John Hoerr, writer
B.J. Hoff
B.J. Hoff – "The Storyteller"
Amy Hoffman
Amy Hoffman
Cara Hoffman
Cara Hoffman, writer
Samatha Hoffman
Samatha Hoffman
Dan Hofstadter
Dan Hofstadter, writer
Linda Hogan (Chickasaw)
Linda Hogan, writer
Gregory Holch
Gregory Holch
Diana Holdsworth
Diana Holdsworth, writer, editor
Cary Holladay
Cary Holladay, writer
Jennifer S. Holland
Jennifer S. Holland, Writer
Andrea Hollander
Andrea Hollander, writer
Kerrie Logan Hollihan
Kerrie Logan Hollihan
Anita Holmes
Anita Holmes, writer, editor, photographer
Leilani Holmes
Leilani Holmes, writer
Linda Janet Holmes
Linda J. Holmes, writer
Sara Lewis Holmes
Sara Lewis Holmes
Scott C. Holstad
Scott C. Holstad
Bert Holtje
Bert Holtje, writer
Lisa Holton
Lisa Holton
Lisa Holton, Corporate Writer
Maureen Holtz
Maureen Holtz, writer
Robert Holum
The Money Self-Care Blog
David L. Hoof
David L. Hoof, writer
Stephanie Hoover
Stephanie Hoover, Author & Researcher
Thomas Hoover
Thomas Hoover
Lorraine Jean Hopping
Lorraine Jean Hopping
Eileen Sullivan Hopsicker
Eileen Hopsicker, writer
Abeer Hoque
Abeer Hoque, writer, photographer, editor
John Horgan
John Horgan
Lorri Horn
Dewey Fairchild Book Series Facebook Page
Dewey Fairchild Book Series Homepage
Lorri Horn Author Twitter
James D. Hornfischer
Home Page of James D. Hornfischer
Home Page of Hornfischer Literary Management LP
Edith Lynn Hornik-Beer
Gail A. Hornstein
Gail A. Hornstein, writer
Carol Horos
Carol Horos, writer
Lisa Horstman
Gail Hosking
Gail Hosking, writer
Snake's Daughter
Gloria Houston
Christopher R. Howard
Christopher R. Howard, writer
Florence Howe
Florence Howe, writer
Katherine Howe
Katherine Howe, author
Dorothy Howell
Dorothy Howell, author
Judith Stacy
Kira Howes
Kira Howes, Translator
Arthur Hoyle
Arthur Hoyle
Richard Hoyt
Richard Hoyt, Author of mysteries and novels of suspense
Dara Huang
Dara Huang, MD
Dara Huang, MD
James Hubbard
The Survival Doctor
Susan Hubbard
Susan Hubbard, writer
The Season of Risks
fiction writer
Patricia Hubbell
Patricia Hubbell – Kids Poet
Cheryl Willis Hudson
Cheryl Willis Hudson
Wade Hudson
Wade Hudson
Debra Hughes
Debra Hughes, writer
Libby Hughes
Cape Cod Author, Playwright, Editor & Lyricist
Rick Huhn
Rick Huhn
Jennifer B. Hull
Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life
Jonathan Hull
Jonathan Hull
N. E. H. (Natalie) Hull
N. E. H. Hull, historian
Jack Hungelmann
Insurance agent and consultant
Karen Hunt
Karen Hunt
Lea A. Hunter
Sister Lea Hunter, Doctor of Ministry, writer
Sister Lea Hunter, D.Min, writer
Rune Hunter
Rune Hunter
Amy Huntington
Amy Huntington, author/illustrator
Carla Stalling Huntington
Black Social Dance in Television Advertising: An Analytical History
Hip Hop Dance: Meanings and Messages
Valerie Hurley
Valerie Hurley
Johanna Hurwitz
Johanna Hurwitz, Children's Author
Paul Huson
Paul Huson
Chuck Hustmyre
The Home Page of Crime Writer Chuck Hustmyre
Joseph Hutchison
Joseph Hutchison, Poet and Writer
Joseph Hutchison's Literary Blog
Joseph Hutchison Poetry
Paul Andrew Hutton
Paul Andrew Hutton, writer
Patrick Huyghe
Patrick Huyghe: Science Writing & Beyond
Elisabeth Hyde
Elisabeth Hyde, Writer
Leonard S. Hyman, author of Electricity Acts and other books on the utilities industry
Leonard Hyman's Commentary on Energy Issues
C. Hyytinen
C. Hyytinen - Maria Sanchez Thrillers
Julie Hyzy
Julie Hyzy, author
Julie Hyzy's blog