Self-Publishing 101: Understanding the Landscape & Opportunities

What are the best services for self-publishing? How much money does it cost to produce a good-quality ebook? What are some of the most effective marketing strategies? Get answers to these questions, plus an unbiased look at the self-publishing scene, including when you should do it, and—if you do—how to be effective in your efforts, without damaging your credibility or investing more money than you should. While self-publishing doesn’t equal instant success, you’ll learn the principles behind the successful creation and distribution of an ebook or print edition.

This webinar is part of a six-session series for writers. Publishing consultant Jane Friedman will teach you the principles and techniques for building your author platform and publishing and promoting your own work through the many new tools and platforms now available.

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Self publishing

Date & Time

Wed, Aug 2, 2017
1:00PM – 2:30PM EDT




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