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The Website-Building Service for Authors Guild Members

About Site Express (read this first)

How it works: Simply fill out the form and send it. We'll get a draft of your website back to you in about one week. It's that easy.

What you'll get: A website of up to 7 pages including book cover images (where available), an author photo, links to online bookstores and a listing of any upcoming events. Pages include a home page (your biography), a bibliography page listing up to 3 works, a page devoted to each of up to 3 works, a separate events page, and a contact form page. (You're free to add more later.)

We'll do one set of edits to the site before it's launched. The layout (placement of text, cover images, author photo, etc.) is set as seen in the following site: You may easily change the layout and theme of the site any time you'd like. After the initial site is launched, it's up to you to update your site with the easy-to-use Sitebuilder software. We are available to answer your questions and have updated the site's Help section, which includes short videos on specific areas of your site.

Author photo. If you'd like to include an author photo, please upload one below. If you do not have a digital photo, you can take a physical photo to your local copy shop and ask them to make a digital copy. Please note that we will post only one photo per page. You are free to add others after reviewing your first site iteration.

Cost. Site Express is free for new Guild members and $135 for all other members. (For new members, there is a deadline to submit the application, so please get in touch with us if you are unsure of the date.) You pay nothing up front. After reviewing your site, if you like what you see, then you may activate your account and submit one round of edits at no additional charge. The $6 per month hosting charge begins to apply only on activation of your account. If you'd like a personalized domain name (,, etc.), we can reserve it for you for $18 per year. New members also receive one complimentary year of domain name registration.

Domain name preference. For the website to be accessible it needs to have a domain name (such as or The best domain names are short, easily remembered, and clearly relate to your writing or yourself as an author. We recommend something close to your own name, or the title of a work that you particularly want to promote.

Step 1. Domain Name

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Step 7. Contact Page

Contact Page. Unless you state that you prefer otherwise, we will include a contact form as part of your site, which will send messages to the email address on file with the Guild. Your email address will not be visible on the form.

Step 8. Note to Authors Guild Web Services Staff (optional)

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