Guild Membership Application

First year dues are $90. (After the first year, dues are charged on a sliding scale, depending on your writing income, but most members continue to pay $90.) See our guidelines for eligibility .

Literary agents, trustees, executors, attorneys, and accountants please complete the Member-at-Large form.

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For Self-Published Authors

Self-published authors who demonstrate that they meet writing income thresholds qualify for Authors Guild membership. The income requirement is intended to assure that the Guild stays focused on its core mission it's pursued for the past 100 years: serving the interests of those pursuing writing as part of their livelihoods. Depending on your income, self-published authors may qualify as either regular (voting) or associate (non-voting) members. Both categories of membership received full Guild benefits. (Associate membership is a longstanding Guild category for writers with an offer to be traditionally published. It allows our legal department to help writers before they sign their first contract.) Traditionally published and self-published authors become regular members when they meet regular membership criteria.


Enrollment is contingent on payment of first-year dues of $90. Your credit card will not be charged until you are accepted for membership.